A Little About Me…

Hello readers! My name is Erin Tharp and I’m writing from Southern California.

Rather than doing the typical About Me page, I thought you could get to know me through a list. As you will soon see, I’m extremely random, which is the theme for this blog. I’m going to use the Daily Prompts, but in no way do I plan on (always) taking them literally.

  1. I have never seen “Star Wars,” and have no desire to.
  2. My middle name is Elizabeth, and my nickname is always some derivative of that: Liz, Lizzy. My mom is even more quirky than me, which tells you something. Her nicknames for me include Lizmont (I have absolutely no idea how that name came about), and what’s a Lizmont without a Montel?
  3. Pansies are my favorite flower. No other plant looks like it’s smiling.
  4. My first “celebrity” crush was Prince William (pre-bald).
  5. I wear glasses when reading or watching TV.
  6. I have never been stung by a bee. Wasp, yes, bee, no.
  7. I’ve never tried cheesecake. Just the name makes me gag.
  8. I never learned to whistle.
  9. My favorite Disney movie is the first “Toy Story.”
  10. Yellow bananas give me the creeps. They must have a green tint. Gellow, if you will.
  11. I think shopping for school supplies is great fun.
  12. I have done several 5ks.
  13. I am bilingual: English and Pig Latin.

I’d love to hear something about you! Please visit my Let’s Chat page so I can get to know you.