Sorry, Son

Like any seven-year-old boy,my one-year-old (“That’s all!?” I often hear from my family) Jack Russell spends most of his life bored. A bored young dog is dangerous! From bringing in things from the yard that barely fit through the pet door, to chewing shoes, to bringing out Dad’s unmentionables to the living room, in full view of anyone coming into the house.

Henry’s shenanigans get him into trouble often, and he spends most of his life in the doghouse (no pun intended).  We have tried different things to wear him out. For instance, Mom took him running.  He laid down and called it quits in the middle of a busy intersection (luckily it was in the crosswalk), slept for a few hours when he got home, then returned to typical Henry.

Being a loving mom, I got tired of my family yelling his name (I’m surprised he doesn’t think his name is, “No, Henry!”). And I feel somewhat responsible when my son is being “ typical Henry.”

I saw a commercial that could solve our his boredom problem. Barkbox! Readers unfamiliar with it: it’s a subscription service and every month your canine children receive very cute toys, treats, and chews.  Every box is a different theme.  Last time it was King Arthur’s Court and this month it was Bluebeard.

Henry’s love for these goodies is definitely not vague.  Full and bright!

Actually, over the weekend I got an Amazon delivery, which was shoes, so the box looked like a Barkbox box.  My son went hysterical.  You would have that it was Christmas!  His Grammie actually had to put it down and prove that it didn’t contain anything fun!

I ordered an air fryer yesterday from Amazon, too (isn’t Amazon wonderful!) and it will be here Wednesday.  I am hoping the box is bigger, or it will be déjà vu!

Pippa’s Time of Peace and Quiet

Although we get along now and I have no idea what I would do without them, my younger sisters were sure pains as kids. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this opinion. Sure, you love them, but enough is enough sometimes.

You met Henry, my son. We also have Pippa, an extremely sweet, gentle, PATIENT—I don’t like the word mutt, so mixed breed. You would think she was Henry’s mother the way she takes care of him. The two even share a bed, napping, of course, up against the other. We have pictures (of course you need to take a picture) of one resting one’s head on the other. Sometimes they become nauseating!

I sometimes feel sorry for Pippa. Henry is always there! Of course she loves him, but I’m sure she would love time to herself. That’s why I’ve instilled Henry-free time. Pippa can just have a half-hour walk or lay down on my bed while I write a post—door closed, of course.


We took a walk this morning (please excuse thee outfit—I had physical therapy this morning first). Maria, my aide, Pippa and I were pedestrians around our neighborhood. It was just 30 minutes, but sometimes that’s all it takes.

Star Student? Or Only Student?

Any parent knows how bittersweet it is when your child starts school. On one hand, they’re getting an education that will last them their lives. On the other, why can’t they stay your baby forever?

On Saturday my six-month-old Jack Russell puppy (“He’s only six months!?” my sister’s wide in horror/disbelief), Henry, had his first obedience class. No offense, son, but it’s probably a good thing it’s a private lesson.

It started in the backyard, but moved to the park. He is fascinated by our backyard. There is always some stick that simply can’t be left outside. Or some bug that needs chasing. In other words, he was just being a little boy.

Henry’s lessons are going to be on basic manners right now: sit, stay, come, etc. But he’s so friendly and people-loving and, well, I’ll just say it, adorable, that I think he would be an excellent therapy dog.

Hard to believe this little guy needs obedience classes…don’t let his innocent expression fool you.

Now, if only he could get housebreaking down…