Move Over, Haikus!


I had found a website, Six-Word Memoir, and wondered what you could possibly say in six words. But then I thought about it, how it might be a good challenge for me.  I did one and had so much fun!  I was hooked.  The website says the Six-Word Memoir is considered the American version of a haiku.  I hate poetry, so good thing I’m an American!  I wrote some of mine below, but I challenge you to do some.  I’d love to hear them!

New school year. One word: Yay!

Dogs are trouble, but our trouble.

I feel odd.  But I’m glad.

Life is hard.  Life is wonderful.

Sick of cold. Summer come soon! (Let me explain: to me, anything below 85 is cold).

My brain is messed up. Love!

I hate computers. But too bad.

Summer Is Around The Corner!


I’m taking a break from my usual posts, and taking one of the WordPress classes. This is “Introduction to Poetry.” Poetry has always scared me, but I have always to learn. I figured now is a good time as any. Assignment one was a haiku about water.

The water is cold

The air is hot, no breeze now

Shocking when I jump